Curtain makers - John O'Connor

John O’Connor

Curtain Tailors is a Irish curtain workshop with over 40 years experience of hand crafting curtains. Serving Dublin, Wicklow, Wexford and the surrounding areas. Owned and run by Patricia and John O‘Connor

“Its madness going to a shop to get curtains, when you can go direct to a curtain makers.

  • You can get a better price (cutting out the middle man ….the shop)
  • 100% guarantee of quality
  • Supply of rails and materials

Curtain Tailors is a private curtain makers company, John O’Connor is the owner of Curtain Tailors and he will personally call to you and will guarantee a quality service. Its my business and i do look after it.”

Why would you go to a shop to shoose curtains, when you can select what you want in your own home. We bring the shop to your home. In the comfort of your home you can choose your curtain material to match your interior design.

We strongly believe for you to choose curtains it’s a lot easier to choose materials in our own home.

We call to your home with a large sample range, advice and help you with colour choice and design best suitable to your rooms. We supply and fit all types of rails.

With a total hands on by John. We assure you of the best attention to detail.

Contact curtain makers directly:01 2853400 / 086 605 9578